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Donald James

Donald James is heard daily across America and (literally) around the world! You hear him on Promos, Commercials, Industrials and Documentaries but that's not all, there's also the Internet, audio prompts for equipment used in Medicine, as well as countless [...]

June 15, 2023 Adult, American, Male Artists

Sarah Tully

Demo [...]

February 27, 2023 Adult, Female Artists, Republic of Ireland

Patrick Strain

N.Ireland  Army Promo BMW Commercial Huawie Commercial .N.I Documentary Compilation Corporate VO Compilation Beats Commercial N.I Drama/Accents Compilation       [...]

February 27, 2023 Adult, Male Artists, Northern Ireland

Andy Kavanagh

Belfast-born Andy has a soft, engaging Northern Irish accent. With a wealth of experience Andy’s voice is perfect for Commercials, Corporate, Documentary, E-learning, Telephony Systems and just about anything else you need a voice for.   Commercial E Learning Telephony [...]

October 10, 2019 Adult, Male Artists, Northern Ireland

Peter Curran

National broadcaster on BBC Radio 4 and narrator of network TV documentaries for C4 and BBC2, Belfast-born Peter has a warm, versatile and authoritative voice.   [...]

August 9, 2019 Adult, Male Artists, Northern Ireland

Johnathan Welsh

Enjoy the soothing almost therapeutic dulcet tones of Johnathan’s bass voice ..also note his comedic tones in a northern English accent ! [...]

October 15, 2018 Adult, English, Male Artists

Amanda Doherty


June 12, 2017 Adult, Female Artists, Northern Ireland

Drew Campbell

Comercial Narration Characters Fantasy Gaming [...]

March 15, 2017 Adult, American, English, Male Artists, Mature

Tove Kane

Her voice has been described as, “sublime” and “like chocolate”. She has worked on radio since 1989. Tové also presents podcasts that are downloaded around the globe. Tové has the esteemed reputation of being known as a one-take voice artist [...]

September 22, 2016 Adult, English, Female Artists, South African

John Higgins

Voicereel Narration   [...]

July 12, 2016 Adult, English, Male Artists